Monday, 26 April 2010

Food!! Glorious Food!! April


Some amazing foods eaten at home and here during this month!

Favourite dish at the markets at home - steamed bbq pork buns and cold rolls

Best vegetarian food ever!

Mum's corned beef - yum!

Chili con queso


Amazing corn fritters

Hanami party packs!

Pat's birthday cake

Aussie wine at the castle

Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese cold rolls

Tempura cooking lesson

Bamboo shoots with seaweed

Yumiko's milk custard and strawberry dessert

Double jelly cheesecake that I made

In our second cooking lesson this month we made -

Green asparagus with egg yolk dressing

Cabbage and potato cake

Broiled sawara fish

Yumiko's yum rum cake!

Strawberry picking!

April 24th

Today we went strawberry picking out in the country near the school that I work at. It was a bit of a walk to get there but once we were there we had an hour to pick and eat as many strawberries as we wanted. I love strawvberries and they were so delicious!

The greenhouses

Me in the strawberry patch

Kyosuke enjoying strawberries

Delicious strawberries!

Strawberry fields forever

The biggest one I found

Taube with the strawberries

Rach with the strawberries

Monday, 19 April 2010

Ikebana lessons!

April 20th

Tonight at Ikebana (flower arranging class) we did an arrangement with lots of greenery and beautiful orange carnations.

Julian's art show

April 11th

Today we caught the train north from Himeji for about 30 minutes to a small town called Fukusaki. We went there because Julian had an art show. He makes ceramics and also teaches English here. It was a little show and I bought some nice presents from some of the stalls. It is always nice to go and support a friend and see a new place.

Julian with his work

One of the performances

Jewish Food Night!

April 9th

Tonight Taube, Rachel and Dan decided to cook Jewish food for a group of us. They all have some Jewish heritage and have been missing good Jewish food. It was a great night with amazing food which I had never tried before! I even found a Jewish Honey cake recipe which apparently turned out right! :-)

Kugel - noodles, cheeses and raisins - yum!

Chicken and cranberry salad

Real rye, meats and cheeses

Latkes - amazing potato cakes

Matzo ball soup

Rach cooking latkes!

Blintzes - like a crepe with cheese or strawberry inside

Honey cake that I made

Hanami party and Pat's Birthday!

April 10th

Today the sun was shining, cherry blossoms were in bloom and it was Pat's birthday so we decided to have a picnic at the castle and enjoy some good food and drinks in the sunshine. It was a lovely afternoon - this is definitely my favourite time of the year!

Close up of the beautiful cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms, the moat and carp

Everyone enjoying hanami

Me with the cherry blossoms

Himeji castle

Happy Birthday Pat!

Playing Uno attack!

Rach, Taube and I

Ladies in kimonos under the cherry blossoms

Kyosuke and I with the last of the cherry blossoms

Hanami picnic at night!

April 8th

Today after school we went to the supermarket to pick up some snacks before heading to the castle for a hanami picnic. During this time of year many people enjoy picnics under the cherry blossoms. Today was sunny and it was a perfect evening. Once it got dark we could go into the castle grounds and see many cherry blossoms lit up. It was so beautiful and this is the last time we can see them with the castle as it will soon be covered. I love cherry blossom season!

Himeji castle

Cute lamps leading into the castle

The castle in the afternoon sun

People enjoying hanami (picnics under the cherry blossoms)

The castle and cherry blossoms at night

So pretty

Taube, Yumi, Rach and I

The lights would change colour too

My favourite view in the castle grounds

Just a reflection