Sunday, 26 April 2009

Food!! Glorious Food!! April!!


More amazing and delicious food from this month!

Hanami picnic

Pat's cake


Goya (bitter melon) pizza!

Peeps from America- sugar coated marshmellows - so cute but so so sweet!

The skewers we made for kushikatsu before they were crumbed

With crumbs

Sauces for kushikatsu

Yum lunch set - sashimi, fried chicken and side dishes

Koi flags for boys day!

25th April

Today we went to a craft lesson where we got to dye carp flags for Boys Day which is the 5th of May. It was a fun day and waiting to see what it would look like was interesting!

My creation before

Taube, Me and Emily working on our creations

Dyeing it blue

The baby called Jitsu who I fell in love with!

My creation!

Food!! Glorious Food!! March!!


All the wonderful, interesting and yum foods I have tried this month!

Sushi balls that we learnt to make in our cooking lesson

Real sushi

Uniuzera - sea urchin raw with a raw quails egg - didn't taste so bad!

Kate and octopus on a stick!

Smoking fish

Kate and a chocolate covered banana on a stick!


Amazing Kebab!

Jared and his tornado potato!

My eyeball drink!

Capsules full of alcohol at the crazy bar called Lock Up

The freshest sashimi at the Tsukiji fish markets

Hello Kitty Ramen (noodle soup) in a can, in a vending machine!

Wendy's (like McDonalds) chilli fries with cheese - amazing!

Sakura flavoured savoury side dish at the teachers party - not the best!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hanami BBQ!

12th April

We were invited to a Hanami BBQ at Yumesaki River. It was a really warm day and it was just at the end of the cherry blossoms.  We had a great day under the blossoms that were falling onto us. It was amazing to see when the wind blew it looked like snow! We ate yum BBQ food and our friends even made yakisoba (fried noodles) on the BBQ! On the way home we cross a small stream lined with cherry blossoms which had dropped most of their petals so the stream looked beautiful with all these petals in it and on the ground it looked like light pink snow!



Sakura and everyone enjoying Hanami

Kyosuke and I

The fallen petals along the stream

Pat's party!

11th April

It was Pat's birthday and he is from America and lives in my apartment building. We had a party for him in the meeting room and decorated it in an Irish theme since he is part Irish and he loves his beer! I was in charge of cake making - which I love and this time I made a cake in the shape of a glass of Asahi beer! It was a great party!

The cake!

The birthday boy and his cake

The birthday dance with Rachel and Sianna

Zoe, Hiroki and I

The boys - Yuji, Shinya and Kyosuke!

Night Sakura!

7th April

In Autumn and Spring the gardens here have special light shows to show the red maple leaves or the beautiful cherry blossoms. So it was time to visit the gardens surrounding the castle to see cherry blossoms lit up at night. It is so beautiful as the castle is lit up and the blossoms are too in all different colours. I just wish the blossoms stayed around for longer because they are make everything look so pretty even when they are falling off!

The castle

The cherry blossoms lit up pink with possibly the best view in the garden!

Me, Richard, Emily, Rachel, Pat and Jane in the castle gardens

Like cotton balls!

Pat, Emily, Rachel, Jane, Richard and I in front of the weeping cherry blossom tree

Sunny Hanami and Himeji Koko-en!

5th April

So after such a horrible rainy day on the 4th the next day was amazing - sunny and warm! So we decided to have our own little Hanami under my favourite sakura tree along the moat. Kate, Jared, Kyosuke and I bought yum food - salads, sashimi, strawberries and enjoyed Hanami how it should be! We also went to the garden next to the castle. It was such a beautiful day that we felt we should stay outside as long as possible and there were beautiful weeping sakura in the garden. 

Our Hanami picnic

Relaxing under the beautiful sakura tree

Beautiful sakura

Sakura and blue skies!

Moat lined with Sakura trees

Me with the weeping sakura in the garden

Kate and Jared

So many Koi in the garden pond