Saturday, 6 December 2008

Luminare! The amazing lights of Kobe!

December 5th

Last night we went to the Luminare lights in Kobe! I went last year and it is just amazing! The lights were donated by the Italian government to be used to remember all the people affected by the great Hanshin earthquake. It is just an amazing feeling as you are walking along streets that have been blocked off and you seeem to walk around in circles and then you see the tunnel, all the while classical music is playing. When you reach the end there is a circle of lights that make almost a castle with a gazebo inside it! I think I will be going every year!

In China town

The amazing Luminare

Looking up!

Ferra-Lynn, Emily, Jane and I at the start of the tunnel

The huge castle at the end of the tunnel of lights

Inside the castle!

Even in black and white it is amazing!

Me in the castle!

Me, Michael, Ferra-Lynn, Emily and Jane!