Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Crazy Day in Tegarayama!

September 13th

It was a warm sunny day so Kyosuke and I decided to go for a bike ride around Himeji to see something new. We ended up at Tegarayama where there is a small theme park, botanical garden, castle, revolving restaurant and many monuments! We walked up the hill to find a very strange and out of place castle on the hill which we explored. There was a huge monument for all the people that were affected by the war. We kept walking as I was curious to see what this huge structure was as it looked like a UFO so Kyosuke and I went inside to discover it is a revolving restaurant! It was quite old looking and slightly strange but we enjoyed a parfait and watched Himeji as we went around! After we went to the garden before riding home. It was quite an interesting day and it is always nice to see something new no matter how strange it is!

The crazy castle on the hill

Kyosuke and I

Panoramic view from the top of the hill

Crazy UFO looking cafe which turned out to be a revolving cafe!

Me and my parfait!

Food!! Glorious Food!! August


Once again this month has been filled with delicious, interesting and amazing foods and drinks!

Real Chinese food cooked by Jing!

Shaved ice machine

Rachel and I with our potato tornados!

American hot dog

Kimi and Emily's birthday cakes

Beyonce water at Summer Sonic!

Cooking lesson - sushi rice, goya champuru, vinegar cucumber and octopus

Cooking lesson - pumpkin pudding and fruit

Frozen berry cocktail

Roast Lamb! Such a rare find in Japan!

Blueberry cheesecake I made for Jane

Taco rice and a taco in Okinawa - yum!

Goya cocktail!

Steak and lobster - amazing!

Root beer float - very American but tasted a little like medicine!

Goya pizza!

Sweet potato cake and sea salt chips

Trifle that I made but it didn't quite set!

Amazing shaved ice with a raw egg and a lot of condensed milk!

Margarita - on the beach!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Shiraishi Island - last summer trip!

August 29th and 30th

A group of us headed to Shiraishi Island in Okayama prefecture for a weekend beach holiday on the last weekend of the summer holidays! It was a relaxing weekend where we enjoyed the beach, drinks at the bar on the beach and we had an amazing BBQ! Shiraishi Island is the perfect place for a summer getaway . . .

The view from our room

The beach!!

The girls and I at the bar!

Kyosuke and I enjoying the beach!

Mmmmm Japanese BBQ on the beach!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Okinawa!! Day Five!

August 24th

Today was our last day in Okinawa so we decided we needed to spend it at the beach! We spent most of the morning at the beach and then got lunch before heading to the airport. I think Okinawa is such a beautiful place and I really recommend visiting! I had such a fantastic time and it really was the highlight of my summer vacation!

Back at Maezato Beach

'Our' lifeguard :-)

Rach, Em and I - our last beach photo :-(

Man hole cover in Ishigaki Island

Leaving Ishigaki Island :-(

Okinawa!! Day Four!

August 23rd

Our main goal for this holiday was to go snorkeling and we did it today! We had a half day snorkeling tour and it was amazing! The tour took us only about 15 minutes off shore but the coral and fish were amazing - it felt like I was swimming in a giant tropical fish tank! We even got to feed the fish. After we had lunch and relaxed a bit before going to Maezato beach which was only about 10 minutes from our hotel by car. We spent the afternoon relaxing at the beach and then went out for our last dinner in Ishigaki.

Em, Rach and I ready to snorkel!

and this time underwater!

So many fish!

Beautiful coral and fish - like a big tropical fish tank!

Feeding the fish!


Maezato Beach only about 10 minutes from our hotel

Em, Rach and I at the beach!

The view from our hotel

Goya pizza!

Okinawa!! Day Three!

August 22nd

There was a chance of rain today so we decided to postpone our snorkeling trip and head to Taketomi Island instead. Taketomi Island is a very small island with a population of 350 people and only 10 minutes by ferry from Ishigaki Island. Once we arrived at the island we rented bikes and headed straight to the beach. Kondoi beach is such a beautiful beach but suddenly there were grey skies and a huge downpour but since we were getting wet anyway it didnt really matter! It cleared up a little and then we went for a ride and found a cute cafe for lunch. After we headed towards the beach again but went to the star sand beach instead. This beach is also beautiful and you can find sand in the shape of stars - they are actually skeletons of coral but are really beautiful. We stayed here for awhile before going back to the port and catching a ferry back to Ishigaki Island. It was a Saturday night so we went out for dinner and then to a darts bar where we were the only ones!

Kondoi Beach on Taketomi Island

Rach, Em and I at the beach!

Shisa - there are many on the rooftops on Taketomi Island

Star sand beach - so beautiful!

Star sand! It is the skeletons of coral but they look like little stars!


Tropical flowers and the cool stone fences that were all over the island

Rach and Em back on Ishigaki Island - had to be done!