Tuesday, 15 January 2008

So long sweet, sweet Japan. . .

Well I am now back in Adelaide so I thought I should finish off my blog - well put it on hold until I return to Japan :-)

My year in Japan was definitely the best year of my life, for so many reasons - the culture, temples, shrines, scenery, language, school and of course the people and the wonderful friends I made. I can't explain why I feel the way that I do about Japan but I love it and it just feels like home. I am looking forward to returning to Japan - first in April for a holiday and then hopefully in July to work. So this is not goodbye Japan it is more like see you again!

My friends and I in Japan before I left for the airport . . .

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Our Last Night in Himeji :(

22nd December

On our last night in Himeji Tina, Steve, Marie and I went out with our closest friends - Kyosuke, Shinya, Richard and Makoto. We had a wonderful dinner of Okonomiyaki at our favourite restaurant and of course enjoyed our last Asahi beer. It is really sad to say goodbye to this wonderful city and all our wonderful friends here.

Kyosuke and I on my last night in Japan

Marie and Shinya

Tina, Steve, Richard and Makoto

My last Asahi beer :(