Saturday, 6 December 2008

Luminare! The amazing lights of Kobe!

December 5th

Last night we went to the Luminare lights in Kobe! I went last year and it is just amazing! The lights were donated by the Italian government to be used to remember all the people affected by the great Hanshin earthquake. It is just an amazing feeling as you are walking along streets that have been blocked off and you seeem to walk around in circles and then you see the tunnel, all the while classical music is playing. When you reach the end there is a circle of lights that make almost a castle with a gazebo inside it! I think I will be going every year!

In China town

The amazing Luminare

Looking up!

Ferra-Lynn, Emily, Jane and I at the start of the tunnel

The huge castle at the end of the tunnel of lights

Inside the castle!

Even in black and white it is amazing!

Me in the castle!

Me, Michael, Ferra-Lynn, Emily and Jane!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Amazing Autumn!

November and December

I am loving watching the seasons change in Japan. Autumn is definitely here now and the leaves are just amazing! I visited Himeji Koko-en for the first time at night which was so beautiful! I think I am beginning to love Autumn as much as Spring . . .

Beautiful Himeji Castle with red leaves

A bonsai at the flower and bonsai show at the castle

I love the moat and it looks amazing when the reflection is just right

Stairs along my favourite road - reds, greens and yellows

My favourite road in Himeji - along the castle moat

Yellow stars

Red stars

Red, yellows and greens at night

Amazing reds at night

Sadly it is coming to an end . . .

(Since I have taken a while to post this blog all the leaves have now gone.)

Food!! Glorious Food!! November!


Once again a month of interesting and delicious food!

Mexican food - a rare find in Japan!

Apple Margarita! Yum!

Enchilada set

The captain - I enjoyed him last year and have been enjoying him again!

Kaisendon with gold!

Lots of fish eggs at the fish markets!

Huge crabs at the markets - unfortunately I didn't eat this!

My good old banana cake - made for Taube's birthday!

Katsunotataki - fish that was seared but still raw in the centre - made by Richard!

Kimichi Nabe - spicy hot pot!


28th November

I was lucky to be able to celebrate another Thanksgiving with my friends in Japan! I am very thankful for all my great friends here and everything that this wonderful country has to offer! It was a great night with amazing food!

Me, Koki, Megumi, Hiromi, Fumiyo, Taube and Julian at Thanksgiving

All the yum food!

The turkeys!

Fushimi Inari in Kyoto!

27th November

Today I took a holiday day as Chonet, Glenn, Lilah and Jai were in Kyoto. I went and met them in Kyoto and had a nice relaxing day. We went to Fushimi Inari which is a shrine dedicated to the fox god and it has a huge amount of amazing torii (red gates). We had a great day and I loved meeting Lilah! She is getting so much attention here and is loving it! :-)

A fox - they feature a lot at this shrine


Glenn, Chonet, Me, Jai and Lilah

More torii's but mini ones!

Lilah loving her new Japanese teddy - Yuki!

Himeji Koko-en at night!

25th November

Himeji Koko-en is the garden next to the castle and during November it is open later at night to view the momiji leaves. I missed seeing this last year so I was really looking forward to seeing the "lighto upu"! It was absolutely amazing! I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

As you enter the garden

Amazing reds!

Taube, Rachel and I in the garden

More amazing colours!

The most amazing tree in the garden

So bright it looks like it is on fire!

Kyoto with Kyosuke!

23rd November

Kyosuke and I went to Kyoto on the long weekend which was not so good as everyone in Japan had the same idea! We only got to have lunch and see one sight as everything was just too busy! We headed to the Philosophers Path which is a road along a canal that has many temples and shrines along it. It is recommended to do the walk in cherry blossom season or autumn as it is at its most beautiful. It was a nice walk and there were some beautiful autumn leaves but I suggest not going on a long weekend!

Kyosuke and I on the Philosophers Path

The canal along the Philosophers Path

Me along the canal

Kyosuke with a giant 4 layered icecream! We had the real version of this which was 3 different tea flavours with vanilla - yum!

Food!! Glorious Food!! October


I have had lots of yum and interesting foods this month as usual!

My new favourite - mochi icecream - a soft gooey rice coating on icecream!

My ice cream birthday cake

The yum chocolates that Ferra-Lynn made for my party - even a Hello Kitty one!

Yum cheese cake that Marie-Louise made for my party

Beef croquette!


I made a pavlova - yum!

Chesnut rice that a teacher I work with made for me

Deep fried whole crab legs!

Deep fried lotus root - yum!

Fruit pizza!

Horse - I didn't eat this as I worried about being allergic to horses! Well that is my excuse anyway!

Salmon and cream cheese cold rolls

Fried mochi - amazing!

Huge fruit! Look how big the nashi pear is!

Curry udon with tonkatsu (fried pork)

White pepsi - occasionally pepsi releases a drink that is a little different! This one has yogurt in it but doesn't really taste like pepsi!

Yakiniku - this is where I ate intestines and tongue - really delicious!

This cider was from Arima onsen and is made with water from the hot springs